Application & Admissions

Do I need to have professional experience in sports to join GISB? What background is required or favored?+

Is any specific undergraduate major required or favored? What if I didn't study business or sports as an undergraduate student? Do I need to complete any post-graduate exams in order to pursue the course?+

How many units do I need to complete the GISB Post-Graduate Program in Sports Management?+

How can I Apply? When Can I Apply?+

What happens after I submit the online application form? What is the criteria for selection?+


What is the general structure of the program?+

What are the Foundation Courses?+

When will the GISB Post - Graduate Program in Sports Management Academic Year 2022-23 begin?+

What makes the Global Institute of Sports Business unique from other Sports Management Programs in India and Abroad?+

How does GISB provide students with an opportunity to engage with sports organisations from across the world?+

Is GISB recognized by the University Grants Commission? Is the Final Certificate certified by a globally recognized Education Institution?+

Career Support

What kind of sports careers are available upon graduation from this program?+

What career services are provided?+

Are Internships guaranteed? Are there job placement services?+

Fees & Support

What is the tuition cost of the program? What does the tuition fee include?+

Is there campus accommodation available?+

Are education loans available?+